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Gift Anyone Anywhere Anytime

Why do we exist
Everything we do is to create better lives where happiness, freedom and inspiration come together.

We do this by using innovation to create simple, functional and beautiful solutions.

We enable people and businesses to easily gift and reward anyone anywhere anytime. We provide electronic and mobile gift cards from more than one hundred leading name brands for everyone’s liking. Storecheq experience not only makes it cool, fun and easy to own and use electronic gift cards but also makes your day to day social life memorable.

For Businesses, Storecheq is an easy way to create a recognition rich culture in your organization and to reward your employees and customers as and when needed.

Storecheq’s vision for gift cards:

  • Some company will make gifting as easy as sending messages
  • Storecheq will be that company

We believe that a spoken or a written word counts. Gifts with the right words have the power to build, define, strengthen and even heal relationships. Storecheq empowers people to express personal feelings, to establish and maintain social relationships and to mark life’s important events.

Our goal is to make a billion lives better with smiles all the time.

The New Currency Of Gifting


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